Here you will find some selected excerpts from the music of versus X. To play a track, just click on the small player symbol.

Promotion Sampler

This sampler contains a representative view of the musical bandwith of versus X. To obtain a first impression you should listen to it attentive and completely.

(0:00 - 3:30)

In the beginning we have the impressing introduction of "Cutting the Veil", followed by a verse/refrain structure which is again returning to the opening theme.

(1:19 - 1:27)

"Our heroes seem pale and worn out these days, though we tried so hard to accomodate"

(1:27 - 1:36)

"to changing conditions - new values and times we can't afford to fail"

(1:36 - 1:44)

"All major discoveries it seems have been made - established ideas are just optimised"

(1:44 - 1:52)

"by an army of workers whose skills are just wait to be substituted by chips"

(2:01 - 2:10)

"The greatest of visions - the whole world to see - are fallen to pieces and swept away"

(2:10 - 2:19)

"Now disillusion is spreading in minds leaving a void of untenable kind"

(2:19 - 2:25)

"Ancient rules devaluated - now -"

(2:25 - 2:37)

"substituted by an omnipresent scientific rationalism"

(2:37 - 2:45)

"- now - cutting the veil"

(3:30 - 7:30)

In a musical metamorphosis the soft notes of an unusual melody slowly give way to a very complex instrumental section.

(3:32 - 3:43)

"The urge to gain completion of a stage To be released from the tightness of my cage"

(3:43 - 3:55)

"And finally turn the page - and then To just begin again - to recognise"

(3:55 - 4:12)

"the progress born within I sense I am confronted with a strange and fascinating - dominating"

(4:12 - 4:19)

"Primary instinct beyond control penetrates the spheres of heart and soul"

(4:19 - 4:26)

"To measure minds coherence to the whole"

(4:26 - 4:38)

"I try to reach out for more - I need to proceed to the core"

(4:38 - 4:48)

"Everything seems so clear - just missing one last idea feeling the clearance being near"

(4:48 - 5:00)

"The more I approach the core - the more I feel the urge to soar"

(5:00 - 5:11)

"Mingling parts in mind - some pieces so hard to find artefacts each one of a kind"

(7:30 - 9:50)

Within the closing section of "Curtain Call" Ekkehard plays a driving MiniMoog solo over a 7/8 meter.

(9:50 - 11:45)

A gentle and relaxed ballad type song slowly turns into a typical versus X instrumental section, featuring odd meters and unusual harmonies.

(9:51 - 10:00)

"I love to feel the twirling turbulences along the surface plain"

(10:00 - 10:10)

"entrenched in spirals of doom - between the phases of the night"

(10:10 - 10:19)

"a twinkling light hidden behind the mirror"

(10:56 - 11:03)

"Every twist of history still reveals its traces every change of path leaves its mark on our course"

(11:03 - 11:20)

"every form of matter, energy, and mind condensing from interfering vibration bearing an encoded vision of the whole"

(11:45 - 13:46)

Also beginning quietly is this section of "Mirror of Division", once again with the typical interplay between piano and vocals.

(12:11 - 12:27)

"in variations manifold unanswerable questions and a vague anticipation still remains"

(12:27 - 12:42)

"minds confined and specialized no time to dream or analyze visions of beyond and after"

(13:14 - 13:30)

"will all this being still exist without my view or just because of it without the code all earthly things defines"

(13:30 - 13:46)

"born in singularity our fate proceeds through entropy forever in transition we remain"

(13:46 - 17:28)

Next is an atmospheric interlude out of "The Hostile Sea". Above an ostinative piano pattern are floating guitar, bass, and cymbal sounds, until the basic 11/8 rhythm is joined by the remaining instruments and intensified.

(17:28 - 17:44)

"Caught inside the halls of my unearthly palace dare take a look from the edge of my imagination"

(17:28 - 19:50)

A short interlude from the closing section of "Mirror of Division" A theme which was introduced at the beginning of the track is now played in modified form and leads on to the reprise of the main theme.

(17:44 - 18:00)

"where shall I begin - where's the point of my departure the course is set arbitrarily - there's no way back"

(19:50 - 22:30)

Finally for all friends of the MiniMoog a sample out of the long instrumental part at the end of "Cutting the Veil" with its atmospheric closing section, which in the original version is not beginning so all of a sudden.

In "Point of View" the verse/refrain parts, which are mainly in 7/8 are contrasted by faster and more complex instrumental parts.

This is the only instrumental track written by versus X up to now. Here, our influences from contemporary classical music can be heard.

"To go Free" begins with a slow song structure, increases its tempo towards the instumental middle section, in which we made full use of the dynamics between whispering and powerful crescendos. After a short rise up of the intensity before the closing section, it releases the listener with a more gentle mood.

This recording of the track "Curtain Call" was made during a gig at the Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium, 2001. The live presentation of such complex longsongs represents an exceptional emotional experience to the listener, which is only rarely offered in todays music scene. The studio take further above is taken from minute 4:40